Many opportunities for personal, career, and spiritual growth are available in Owen County. With a future job growth over the next ten years predicted to be 39.80%, countless organizations benefiting the public, and a wealth of places to worship, the potential to grow throughout your life is boundless.


Jobs at Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, and other local employers are plentiful. For over 30 years, Boston Scientific has used meaningful science to produce a wide array of medical treatments that have transformed millions of lives. Cook Medical, founded by Bill and Gayle Cook in 1963 in nearby Bloomington, Indiana, has a portfolio of medical devices and products ranging from the areas of women’s health, IVF, to urology, to the vascular system of the body.

For the creative entrepreneur, the ability to start up and grow your own business is made easy due to the lower cost of rent and favorable zoning regulations. Have you dreamed of owning your own food truck? Have you wanted the children of your community to grow up with a specialty toy shop? Those dreams are both achievable and attainable here.


Outlets for the philanthropic and those who enjoy giving back to their community are numerous. Animal rescues, the Owen County Community Foundation, Farm Bureau, Owen County Master Gardener Association, Owen County CASA, and the Owen County Learning Network are among the many organizations dedicated to service here.

The Spencer Pride Festival has been a fixture in the community for over a decade. The event is held on the courthouse lawn every year and brings over 1,300 people to Spencer in celebration and support of rural LGBTQI people. Completely family-friendly, and pet-friendly, there are activities for everyone at this event. Spencer Pride Festival is the largest small town Pride event in the region, and helps promote the growing acceptance of the LGBTQI rural community here as well as diversity and progression.


Finding a place to worship in Owen County is simple as the options are great. Regardless of your denomination, there is a place here for you to practice your faith, to explore your spirituality, and to find solace and fellowship.